Congressman Pete King - He fights for us!

Homeland Security

Defending America Against Islamic Terrorism   DEFENDING AMERICA AGAINST ISLAMIC TERRORISM
Pete King strongly supports the PATRIOT Act, wiretapping foreign terrorists and allowing the CIA to carry out tough interrogations of foreign terrorists. Pete has fought hard to increase Homeland Security funding for police and firefighters in New York City and on Long Island. During his time as Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, Pete was responsible for the passage of historic legislation regarding port security, chemical plant security and restructuring the nation’s emergency response system. As Ranking Member of the Homeland Security Committee, Pete opposed President Obama’s decision to close Guantánamo and restrict interrogations of terrorists. As Chairman he will hold hearings on Muslim radicalization.



Pete King Obtains Needed Funds for Firefighters   PETE KING FIGHTS FOR NEEDED FUNDS FOR FIREFIGHTERS
Congressman King has fought for greater homeland security funding for fire departments throughout our district. Pete proudly serves as Co-Chairman of the Congressional Fire Caucus.



Pete King, Mayor Bloomberg Join Forces for 9-11 Victions   PETE KING, MAYOR BLOOMBERG JOIN FORCES FOR 9/11 VICTIMS
Pete King was a leader in passing the Zadroga 9/11 Healthcare bill (HR 847) on behalf of rescue workers and others who were at Ground Zero and have become seriously ill from the toxins which they inhaled during the recovery effort and in the days and weeks following the attacks.



As Ranking Member of the Homeland Security Committee Pete King works closely with the NYPD and the Nassau and Suffolk County Police Departments. Congressman King has obtained millions of dollars in Homeland Security funds for these departments.


Illegal Immigration

Congressman King knows that we must secure our borders and stop illegal immigration. Pete sponsored the law to construct a 700 mile fence along the border with Mexico and supports hiring thousands more border patrol agents, utilizing the most advanced military technology and equipment at the border and imposing heavy fines and prison sentences for companies that hire illegal immigrants. Pete opposes amnesty for the illegal immigrants living in our country.

Pete King with our Border Patrol at the Mexican border
Pete King with our Border Patrol at the Mexican border
Pete meets with National Guard troops at the Arizona-Mexico border
Pete meets with National Guard troops at the Arizona-Mexico border

Senior Citizens

Protecting America's Senior Citizens   PROTECTING AMERICA’S SENIOR CITIZENS
Congressman King is a strong supporter of preserving Social Security and providing expanded prescription drug coverage for senior citizens. Pete also supports legislation to make elder abuse a federal crime so that we can protect the hundreds of thousands of elderly Americans who are exploited, abused or neglected each year. Pete would also require background checks for health care workers and setting up data bases for elder abuse, similar to the registries we now have for child abuse.

Our Armed Forces

Congressman King has always been a strong supporter of our Armed Forces. Pete has traveled to battle zones in Iraq, Afghanistan and Bosnia to meet with our troops and has consistently voted to improve their pay and benefits. He has been a leader in the fight to support our returning troops by sponsoring The Returning Soldiers Bill of Rights Act and bringing veterans benefits into the 21st century.

Thanking America’s veterans
Thanking America’s veterans
Pete King visits American troops in Iraq
Pete King visits American troops in Iraq
Congressman King helicoptered to an Army Special Forces base near the Afghanistan/Pakistan border
Congressman King thanks returning soldiers for their service.

Women's Health Care

Supporting the Fight Against Breast Cancer   SUPPORTING THE FIGHT AGAINST BREAST CANCER
Pete King has been a dedicated and effective leader in the war against breast cancer throughout his years in Congress. Pete has supported legislation to increase Medicare reimbursements for screening and diagnostic mammographies; fund research centers to study the relationship between the environment and breast cancer; and require insurance companies to guarantee at least 48 hours hospital care after a mastectomy.

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